EZ-Click Backup for Homes and Small Business

Try our Online Backup Service for 15 days FREE! This client is for home users or small businesses with one or two computers, who just need to backup files like documents or photos. It is limited to backing up 1 gigabyte or less of data on a single computer.

The newest, fastest and most reliable home online backup system in the world! EZ-Click is perfect for the home or small office. Try our EZ-Click Backup for 15 days for free with a 1 Gigabyte limit.


If you decide to use our service get 2 Gigabytes of storage space for $29.95 per month. No credit card needed to create an account. At the end of that time if you wish to continue we will set up your account and billing plan (Online payment portal credit card or direct check debit).


Please enter the information requested and click the download button to get EZ-Click.


1. Installs on one computer in minutes

2. Easy to create a backup of your files:

  • Photos from your digital camera - Don't lose those birthday snapshots!
  • Documents from Word or Excel - Important correspondence.
  • Quickbooks or Microsoft Money files - Your finances are vital.
  • Profiles and Favorites - All your web sites you love to visit.

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Need more info? Check out our EZ-Click FAQ pages Here!

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