BackupRx Failover

Providing the security and resilience required for mission critical IT services


Solving the Key DR Problem 
The next logical step beyond having offsite backup is a true DR plan. Although traditional backup is good, if you suffer a hardware failure or a site disaster, backup alone is not good enough to get you back in business.


Unfortunately, building and maintaining a disaster site requires significant financial and labor resources. Our BackupRx Failover product solves this problem through virtual standby servers. In the event of a disaster, we restore your servers and workstations to Virtual Machines in our data center and provide secure remote access to your users. Your business can continue to run from anywhere you can connect to the internet.


Data Center Details 
The Backup Rx data center at the Pulaski Electric System's (PES) Type II SAS 70 certified facility is a hardened site built to withstand an F-5 tornado. PES features a Command Center with 24x7x365 network and security monitoring. PES has redundant environmental power, multi-homed Internet access to Tier 1 providers WV Fiber, AT&T and IRIS Transit for redundancy with two diverse Sonet Rings for backbones, and includes underground utility and fiber entry.


How it Works
1. Virtual server images are created
2. Backup or synchronization is implemented 
3. In a disaster, all data is restored to virtual servers in our data center 
4. Users access through secure connections

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