General Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an online backup? 
A. Just what the name implies, a backup of your data that is conducted over the Internet.


Q. Why would I do an online backup? 
A. To protect computer data that cannot be recovered in a disaster. Keeping a copy offsite, away from potential harm is the best way to do this.


Q. Where does my data go? 
A. Your data is stored initially in our Data Storage Center in Memphis, Tennessee. We then copy that data to multiple Data Centers we maintain in other cities. It is available to you from anywhere in the world that has an Internet Connection, 24/7/365.


Q. How do I know my data is secure? 
A. The data transmitted is encrypted before it ever leaves your computer so that it is completely secure from being read by anyone else. You have a key code that unlocks the data. Even we cannot read it.


Q. Aren’t online backups more expensive than tape backups? 
A. Actually they are less expensive. Tape backup machines are expensive to buy and must be maintained. Proper tape rotation requires you to keep a minimum of ten tapes in use and they should be replaced on an annual basis. Drives must be cleaned and checked for veracity. All this requires someone’s time and know how. It adds up to a lot more cost than our service over time.


Q. What do I back up? How do I choose? 
A. Back up files that you cannot easily replace. Items such as Operating System files, programs (things like Word or Excel) and any other program that you have on CD do not need to be backed up. Data files, such as your documents or spreadsheets, irreplaceable files like birthday photos need to be backed up to the off-site data server. Choose what you cannot recover any other way.