Partner with BackUpRx:
Why you should offer a cloud solution to your customers!

Profits for hardware sales are small and one time. Your customer is on a 3 to 5 year replacement cycle. Renting makes sense for your customer and for you as well. You earn a monthly residual fee even if nothing breaks and the customer gets a fully functioning server quickly configured exactly how they need it.

Our cloud server solution truly is different and better.*

To you, we offer better margins in the form of a monthly residual for reselling our solutions. You keep your customer and continue to provide IT support. You are our customer so we do not even need to know who your customer is. You keep your customers happy with a product that is stable, secure, recoverable and affordable. Our current Partners are very valuable to us, and enjoy various benefits. Get started by filling out your online application today!


To your customers we offer:

  • We offer redundant virtual servers (If one goes down the other takes over immediately)
  • We can create and configure virtual servers in any flavor in about 15 minutes
  • We keep the operating system up to date as requested when it changes
  • We can reconfigure the server on the fly as needed for processor, RAM and disk space
  • Our data center is SAS 70 certified (HIPAA, SEC, Sarbanes Oxley)
  • Our data center has never gone down and is rated for a Force V tornado (it is underground)
  • No one can touch the machines except us
  • No one other than you has access to the virtual servers even us
  • We provide 7 day rolling backups of the entire virtual machine
  • We provide separate data backups
  • Customer gets the benefit of a virtual ‘Hot Site’
  • Customer can combine many offices into single virtual servers accessible from anywhere anytime
  • Customer can offer employees the flexibility of working from home
  • And more...

*Our virtual machines reside on a highly available failover cluster: Virtual machines on this system are in a cluster of physical servers, so if a host server fails the virtual machine is automatically and instantly moved to another server that is on standby, reserved for that purpose. This system of “Live Migration” happens within a few seconds of a problem being detected, in most instances the end user never knows that it even occurred. The actual data files reside on a storage network that also has highavailability built in, so the data is always available, and is actually stored in two separate locations simultaneously. Our VPS Storage network features high speed SAS drive arrays configured at RAID 10. Our storage system is connected to the virtual machine host servers with a dual-redundant 10 Gigabyte Ethernet ISCSI SAN.


Each virtual machine is backed up daily to our Backup Rx VM Protection system, which keeps the last 7 days of backups of the entire virtual machine files. If you would like additional backup or archiving for extended time periods this service is available as well. Virtual servers are provided to you with the specifications and software listed in the order form, and are furnished with a default username and password, which we require that you change at your first logon. Access is provided by Remote Desktop services (RDP) for up to two administrator level accounts. We do not manage the internal workings of the operating systems, software or any other data and we do not provide any support for the actual software inside the virtual machine. These services are available as optional items. Terminal Server and VPN support for access are available and recommended.