Recovery Solutions to Prevent Catastrophic Data Loss

Contingency Planning 
Data backup is the only assurance a business can have to survive catastrophic data loss. BackupRx Continuity Consultants can design and implement an affordable True Business Continuity Plan to ensure your business remains up and running continuously no matter what.


The keys to a True Business Continuity Pan: 
Step 1 
All critical business data should be secured off-site and out-of-town automatically utilizing an online backup system.


Step 2
Use a virtualization product, like our Liaison appliance server to keep your business up and running in the event of server loss. All programs and data are live on Liaison and are accessible at the flip of a switch.


Step 3 
Implement a Failover Server system to allow employees the ability to disperse to their homes or a local building and operate from any internet connection. Servers and desktops with all their programs and data are replicated on a Virtual Hot Site ready to be accessed and continue business operations.


Contact BackupRx today for a Business Continuity Consultation. Our consultants will assess your risk and offer a True Business Continuity Plan to fit your individual data needs.


BackupRX True Business Continuity Products

Failover Server
Building and maintaining a disaster site requires significant financial and labor resources. The BackupRx Failover Server is our solution providing virtual standby servers. BackupRx uses the latest in virtualization technologies to offer a ‘Hot Site in a box’. In the event of server failure or catastrophic data loss your servers and workstations are restored to Virtual Machines in our data center. Secure, remote access is provided to users and your business can continue to run from anywhere you can connect to the internet. 
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The Liaison system is a data backup and multi-server failover solution perfect for storage, data archiving, and disaster recovery for multiple systems across multiple sites. The Liaison server hardware is installed in your local area network and is configured to act as a virtual replacement server for any machine in your network. Data from all the virtualized servers can be configured to store locally on Liaison. Should one or more servers fail the tasks will be picked up by the appliance containing not only the operating system but all the programs and all the data continuously streaming and ‘live’. 
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Backup Manager 
The BackupRx Backup Manager software is the solution for businesses with one or more servers and locations. It is multi platform and will back up multiple backup sets on multiple computers. Special plug-in features are available for MSSQL Server, Oracle Databases, Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus, MYSQL and others. 
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