Benefits of Virtual Desktops

  • Extend the life of older desktops
  • Automatic software updates
  • Achieve zero down time
  • Delay replacing workstations.
  • Access files anywhere/anytime with anything
  • Low monthly costs
  • Increase security
  • Reduce management costs
  • Uniform user experience


Virtual Desktops Are Always Available from Any Place and Any Device

  • Latest operating systems and application versions available for no additional cost.
  • Run applications from anywhere
  • Store data locally or in the cloud
  • Maintain private Documents
  • Share selected documents with others
  • Eliminate downtime
  • POP Email or Exchange plus more …

Backup Rx uses Microsoft clustering technology to offer multiple desktops so each customer desktop is replaced with two high value virtual desktops in the data center farm. Desktops are accessed through secure channels so that the customer is assured that only they have access to their desktops. Updates and patches to the Microsoft operating system are rolled out automatically as they are released – one desktop at a time to test compatibility while assuring smooth transitions.

The desktop may ‘grow’ in capacity and size as the customer’s needs grow so there is no need to repurchase new hardware. The data center carries a Type II SAS 70 certification and is multi-homed to the Internet to assure a clear and constant channel. A high speed local fiber connection is not necessary in most cases. A simple T1 connection (or WIFI) will suffice if fiber is not available.

Save money with virtual desktops that are locked down to your specifications. Retain your existing server or virtualize the server environment and have consistent desktops throughout the company. Run all your programs from any device and from any location and experience the same desktop.

You may not need an on-premise server, and old workstations can access a desktop that is always up-to-date and stable throughout the workplace. Store files locally or on the secure data center. Share files safely or maintain private documents on your virtual desktop.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by ‘virtual desktop’?
A virtual desktop is one created by you but maintained on a remote server in a secure data center. It can only be accessed by you and it will always be available to you 24/7/365 from any Internet access and from any device … even from home or on vacation.

What about my present workstation?
You may keep it. In fact you can keep it as long as it is able to access the Internet and runs Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later.

What about my company files?
All your company files will now be available to you on your virtual desktop whenever you want them and from wherever you are when you need them.

What about security?
Security is improved. All information is stored in the data center and available only with a user pass word.

How stable is this virtual desktop?
Virtual desktops typically are tightened down by the company so users get a consistent look and feel but cannot download or install potentially dangerous things so they are much more stable and almost impossible to break.

What about the cost?
Reduced cost is the main reason companies are going virtual. With very little for an IT department to manage there is less need for IT payroll. The real expense in IT is going away with virtual desktops and servers.

Can I still use my old workstation?
Absolutely! You can store documents locally or on the virtual desktop. You will quickly become comfortable with the new virtual desktop because it will always be on and always up to date while your old workstation ages.

Will my virtual desktop be fast also?
Absolutely! That is another major reason for going virtual. You get the latest software and enough power to do whatever you need and the virtual desktop never gets old or slows down.

Can I try a virtual desktop before deciding to buy?
Absolutely! We want you to try before you buy. Give us a call for a no obligation virtual desktop experience.


More Benefits of Virtual Desktops

  • You may not need a server at all
  • Never suffer a slow workstation again
  • Extend the life of older desktops
  • All your desktops will be consistent
  • Microsoft Office will always be current
  • Patches and updates will be automatic
  • Your desktops will be easier to maintain
  • You are not buying a depreciating asset